Turn your dreams into a reality

Become a vendor at Commerce Street Market

Apply now to become a vendor. We will work with you to determine available booth space options that you are sure to love and one that makes you money. 

How it works:

Book your booth, decorate/setup your space, tag your merchandise with your vendor number and we do the rest! Without the expenses of having your own brick and mortar store, the possibilities of growing your small business are endless. 

  • Vendors do not need to be present to make sales
  • Vendors receive a monthly check
  • We ask that vendors restock and straighten their space once a week 
  • We charge monthly rent space and a 14% commission on sales (prices depend on size of space)
  • We pay your sales tax to the state every month, as well as the electricity, water, property insurance, rent, etc.

Why choose commerce street market

Easy Access


We have an online software that you are able to login into 24/7 to see exactly  what items you have sold and how much money you've made. 

Built-in Advertising


We promote and advertise the store for YOU. We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, our website, magazine advertisements and more.

Promotional Events


We host events multiple times throughout the year to bring thousands from all over into the store. These events are HUGE.