become a vendor at commerce street market



Apply by clicking the button below. We will be in contact with you with available booth space options. Turn your dreams into a reality and have a booth that not only everyone will love but will make you money. 

How being a vendor works:

Commerce Street Market is Mississippi's Favorite One Stop Shop where Pinterest comes to life. We choose a variety of over 100 vendors who have quality shops to join our family. Each vendor rents a portion of the store (called a booth) and is given a vendor ID which is the number that they put on their tags along with the cost and a brief description of the item. When customers find an item they want to purchase, they take the item to the front register where we enter the vendor number, description and price into our system which gives that vendor credit for that item.  Each vendor can login to see his/her sales daily so they can know what is popular demand and what items need to be restocked. At the end of the month, Commerce Street Market cuts a check to every vendor. The check will be the amount for their total sales minus the next month’s rent and applicable fees.

 Vendors do not need to be present at the store to make sales.  Just decorate and setup your space to make it your own, tag your merchandise with your vendor number, description and price, and let us do the rest. The possibilities of what you can grow your small business into are endless. You can open a booth and sell your items without the stress and expense of having your own brick and mortar store. We provide the customer the full experience! We require vendors to come in at least once a week to revamp/restock and straighten. This provides shoppers with a clean environment, fresh items, and a welcoming store to come shop. We are the one stop shop where customers can find gifts, home decor, boutique clothing & more! 

We charge a monthly rent for the space and a 10% commission on sales. These depend on which size space you choose. 


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Pricing Items, Rent, Checks, Taxes


We provide a Vendor ID to put on your price tags and we credit your account for every item sold. We have an online software you can login into 24/7 to know what items you have sold. We cut checks once a month to the vendors. We pay your sales tax to the state every month as well as the electricity, water, property insurance, rent, etc.

We promote the store!


We promote and advertise the store for YOU. We have someone who runs our Social Media Outlets: Facebook and Instagram as well as our website, magazine advertisements and MORE.  



We have events multiple times a year to bring thousands from all over into the store. These events are HUGE.